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New World Hegemony in the Malay World - Geoffrey C Gunn
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The Battle for Sarawak's Forests - World Rainforest Movement
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George Town: World Heritage Site
$60.0 MYR
Lost Times and Untold Tales from the Malay World
Buy: $60.0 MYR
Straits Affairs The Malay World and Singapore -  D.J.M. (ed) Tate
$120.0 MYR
Got Singapore: Bits & Pieces from a Dot in the World - Richard Lim
Buy: $40.0 MYR
Malay Peasants Coping with the World  - Rodolphe de Koninck
$120.0 MYR
♥ World Kitchen France
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The Kris: Mystic Weapon of the Malay World - Edward Frey
$300.0 MYR
Two Malay Worlds: Interaction in Urban and Rural Settings - Roland Provencher
$150.0 MYR
History of the Second World War: Part 26: Malaya
$100.0 MYR
Secrets of the Lost World — Sabah’s Maliau Basin - Anthea Phillipps
$50.0 MYR
Contemporary Islamic Discourse in the Malay-Indonesian World - Azhar Ibrahim
Buy: $60.0 MYR
The End of the War: Singapore's Liberation and the Aftermath of the Second World
Buy: $60.0 MYR
Democracy in Asia, Europe and the World: Toward a Universal Definition?
Buy: $180.0 MYR
American Muslims and the Future of American-Islamic World Relations - J Esposito
Buy: $30.0 MYR
The Way Home: The Isolated Emotional World of Former Leprosy Patients
$60.0 MYR
The Economics of Fishing and the Developing World: A Malaysian Case Study
Buy: $160.0 MYR
Zapin Folk Dance of the Malay World - Mohd  Anis Md Nor (2nd copy)
$300.0 MYR
Borneo & Beyond: Journey Through A Changing World - Peter Eaton
$100.0 MYR
Maliau Basin - Sabah's Lost World - Hans P. Hazebroek  & Others
$200.0 MYR
Islam and the Malay-Indonesian World: Transmission and Responses
$70.0 MYR
World  Within - a Borneo Story -  Tom Harrisson
Buy: $110.0 MYR
Straits Affairs The Malay World and Singapore -  D.J.M Tate
$150.0 MYR
A Baba Boyhood : Growing Up During World the War 2 - William Gwee Thian Hock
$60.0 MYR
The World of Chang Fee Ming - Garrett Kam (ed)
$280.0 MYR
Nemesis: The First Iron Warship And Her World - Adrian G. Marshall
Buy: $90.0 MYR
Little India of George Town - George Town World Heritage Inc
Buy: $120.0 MYR
Yiwu, China: A Study of the World's Largest Small Commodities Market - M. Jacobs
$70.0 MYR
The Life Of This World: Negotiated Muslim Lives In Thai Society - C Satha-Anand
Buy: $70.0 MYR
Tribal Communities in the Malay World: Geoffrey Benjamin & Cynthia Chou (eds)
$350.0 MYR
Islamic Civilisation and the Modern World: Thematic Essays - Osman Bakar
Buy: $150.0 MYR
Sarawak Pepper Flavours the World - Eu Hooi Khaw
$150.0 MYR
Mak Yong: World Heritage Theatre - Ghulam-Sarwar Yousof
$110.0 MYR
Malaysia & the Islamic World - Abdul Razak Baginda (ed)
$130.0 MYR
Pengisahan Sabah: Perang Dunia Kedua/ World War Two: The Sabah's Story
Buy: $120.0 MYR
Twilight of the Angonoka:Biology and Conservation of the World’s Rarest Tortoise
$200.0 MYR
Fiction and Faction in the Malay World - Mohamad Rashidi Pakri & Arndt Graf (eds
$180.0 MYR
Orang Asli Now: The Orang Asli in the Malaysian Political World - Roy DL Jumper
Buy: $250.0 MYR
The National Parks and Other Wild Places of Malaysia - World Wildlife Fund
Buy: $120.0 MYR
Social Science and Knowledge in a Globalising World - Zawawi Ibrahim (ed)
$400.0 MYR
Malay Seals from the Islamic World of Southeast Asia - Annabel Teh Gallop
$450.0 MYR
Singapore: A 700-Year History - From Emporium to World City - Kwa Chong Guan etc
$400.0 MYR
Malaysia's Emerald Crown: Exploring the World's Oldest Tropical Rain Forest
$120.0 MYR
A Full Hearing: Orality and Literacy in the Malay World - Amin Sweeney
$170.0 MYR
The East India Company and the Natural World - Vinita Damodaran & Others (eds)
$280.0 MYR