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The Best of Borneo Travel - Victor King (ed)
$90.0 MYR
Malaysia Bagus! Travels Through My Homeland - Sharon Cheah
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Asian Migrations Sojourning, Displacement, Homecoming And Other Travels
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Women Travellers in the Malay Archipelago - Doris Jedamski
$130.0 MYR
A Call to Travel: Muslim Odysseys - Rumaizah Abu Bakar
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Travels in the Malaysian Rainforest - Tan Teong Jin
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Travellers' Tales of the South China Coast - Michael Wise
$70.0 MYR
They Came to Malaya: A Travellers' Anthology - J. M. Gullick (ed)
$90.0 MYR
Traveller's Malay Pronouncing Hand-Book - Fraser & Neave
$220.0 MYR
Floating on a Malayan Breeze: Travels in Malaysia and Singapore -  S.T. Vadaketh
$60.0 MYR
A Backpack and a Bit of Luck: Stories of a Traveller - Zhang Su Li
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Travellers' Singapore An Anthology - John Bastin (ed)
$170.0 MYR