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Malay Sketches - Alfian Sa'at
$50.0 MYR
Malay Canoe - Clive Dalton
$70.0 MYR
The Lion City and Other Tales from Malay Literature - Roy Britton
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Malay Pirate - Clive Dalton
$150.0 MYR
Sorak of the Malay Jungle - Harvey D Richards
$100.0 MYR
More Than a Pantun: Understanding Malay Verse - Katherine Sim
$100.0 MYR
Malay Boy - Clive Dalton
$150.0 MYR
Eh! Wat Yu Talking?: Chronicles of Malay Humour - Syed Ali Al-Attas
$50.0 MYR
The Story of Pigou, A Malay Boy - William Gardiner
$1000.0 MYR
The Last of Four: A Poem of the Federated Malay States and the War, August, 1915
$650.0 MYR