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Encyclopedia of Tropical Fishes - Herbert R Axelrod & William Vorderwinkler
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Tropical Fish - Neal Pronek
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Freshwater Angel Fishes- Herbert R Axelrod & Warren E Burgess
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The Fish Book - Ernest Goh
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The Fishing Industry of Singapore - TW Burdon
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Rusembilan: A Malay Fishing Village in Southern Thailand - Thomas M Fraser
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Boats, Boatbuilding and Fishing in Malaysia - HS Barlow
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The Economics of Fishing and the Developing World: A Malaysian Case Study
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A Field Guide to the Fishes of Kuching Rivers, Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo
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Market Fishes of Indonesia - William T. White, Peter R. Last, Dharmadi & Others
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Marine Food Fishes and Fisheries of Sabah - Chin Phui Kong
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